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Job Accomplishment

Sami takes an active role in resolving conflicts before they get out of hand. She usually establishes and maintains good working relationships. Her outlook is generally positive and her manner is pleasant. She assists and supports her co-workers. Elaine works cooperatively in group situations. However, too often she has exhibited a lack of tact or consideration to others.


Time Accuracy

George displays a strong dedication and commitment to excellence. She often asks for feedback and uses it to improve her performance. She consistently and carefully monitors her work to ensure its quality. The work Elaine produces meets standards for accuracy and completeness. She looks for ways to improve quality.



Zarmar is not always as productive as expected for her job. It sometimes takes her longer than satisfactory to complete work and she too often misses deadlines. She works more slowly than the position requires, and she does not always achieve her established goals. Elaine does not display much commitment to increasing productivity.

Fee Exempted Students

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