Facebook is the number one mobile app in the world. The key to effective Facebook marketing is advanced targeting. We target your prospects based on interests, behaviors, demographics, and custom audience profiles. From the pages they “liked” to the places they lived, important information about your prospects guide our social media strategy.

Facebook management comes down to three phases.

  1.  research and planning.

  2.  targeting and weekly management of your Facebook presence.

  3. retargeting of users who landed on specific pages of your site. With retargeting ads, we boost conversions by reaching out to highly interested prospects.

The end result: a remarkable Facebook presence that boosts your brand and your sales.



  • Manage reputation for you

  • High quality postings maintain integrity

  • You establish the social media identity

  • All updates are engaging and maintain high standards


Social Media Marketing Skills and Services:

  • Press release writing & distribution
  • Content distribution & marketing
  • Blog development/growth
  • Creative digital marketing strategies


  • Monitor trends and updates to keep your account on the cutting edge of latest trends

  • Develop specific hashtags that market your networks

  • Take advantage of trending hashtags to specific reach your audience



  • 5-7 Posts a week

70% Researched educational material

10% Fun

20% Promotional posts for your events,

purchasable goods, and other client

related activities

  • Guaranteed 25,000 paid impressions a month

  • Paid advertising includes sponsored stories, sidebar ads, mobile ads, post boosting, and audience targeting

  • Full time specialists spell/grammar checks all posts

  • Full time graphic designer ensures all posts and images are sized for maximum efficiency

  • Page professionally designed and themed specific to your identity posts scheduled in advance to ensure accuracy and effectively timely delivery



  • 3-5 tweets a day Inspirational material, blogs, quotes, interactive tweets

  • Full time specialists spell/grammar checks all tweets

  • Tweets scheduled in advance to ensure accurate and effective timely delivery



  • Weekly share update;  3-5 share a week, Inspirational material,  quotes, Full time specialists spell/grammar checks all tweets