Repiderme Organic Skin Care Product Line

LavaKiss Corporation, based in the United State, is a leading manufacturer of skin care and Anti-Aging products worldwide.

It is comprised of an international team of herbalists, biologists and biotechnology and skin care experts.

Moisturize dry nail and the effect is obvious. Natural fruit oil scented.
Hydrating cream hydrates and smooths fine lines and brightens skin.
The Lavakiss Nail Conditioner provides quick healing for dry chapped fingernails and toenails.
Let the “Finest Fiber in Nature” soothe and rejuvenate your skin.


The resplendent product line consist of the patented Repiderme eraser, nail conditioner, bio masks, lip pumper and a selection of skin care. 


The products contain the unique design of pearlite TM. LavaKiss philosophy is to offer only natural ingredients with the most current bio technology at an affordable price. LavaKiss continues bringing you natural and effective products and build up your business opportunities to become their business partner.


Repiderme research laboratory is a professional beauty products developing company that has launched successful products for LAvaKiss, Renuderme, 7Minute and many well-known brands selling worldwide. It also provides medical health care, anti-aging service to lead the bio technology industry of international health and beauty product developing company.

100% Customer Satisfaction

80% Faster Resault

100% Organic

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