What is SEO?


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Google definition of SEO (search engine optimization):“Improving a website’s presence in organic search engine results.” SEO involves a lot of technics and there have been many books and tutorials about it, but if we stay in the basic rules of building quality links and writing quality content, then we are taking the right steps toward improving a website’s presence in organic search results.

It seems a simple definition, but let analyze it more. Basically, it is a process to improve the visibility of a website to the online audience by search engines. In other words,  methods to optimize websites, which will help improve a website’s ability to be listed on the top page of organic search engine results. We want to create fresh, unique, quality contents for audience and build quality links from relevant websites to point to that specific content.

What is SEM?

Sometimes we hear people talking about terms SEO and SEM and may these two terms once had a very close origin and meaning, today they are distinct each from another. Let see what is Google definition of SEM (search engine marketing).

“The use of online advertising on search engine results pages to help visitors find your website. SEM often uses pay-per-click (PPC), a bidding model that charges advertisers only when someone clicks on their ad (also referred to as cost-per-click, or CPC).”

As we can see, SEM involves paid advertisements such as Bing ads, Google Adwords,  Yahoo and many other methods of online advertisement. SMM process involves methods to create advertisement campaigns and measuring return results. You should set a budget and expect a fast return in term of time on the investment. It is also the fastest way to bring a website to the first page of search engine results. These results are noticed as sponsored ads at the top or side of the organic search results.

What is SMO?

So now that we know what are SEO and SEM, let talk about SMO? SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. The best definition of SMO:

“Increasing the visibility of a social media profile, published content and social networking activities that are found by people searching for resources  and information that relate to the content. Social media optimization helps drive traffic to the website or blog post, makes it easier for others to share with their circle of influence, helps search engines index your social media profiles and builds community around your brand, social activities and blog posts more easily.”

In the other words, via social media platforms we create online profiles that we can share the content that we did create on the website or blog post. In addition, we add social media share buttons to let people to  share easily our content.

What is SMM?

Stands for Social Media Marketing and is similar to SEM, SMM. And involves paid advertisement through social media platforms. If you are seeing Facebook ads, then you are seeing SMM in action. It is the process of using paid advertisement to expand customer reach and increase brand exposure.

Which is right for you?

So now that we have definition of these terms  and know that SEO and SMO are process that we can apply, whereas SEM and SMM are process which are paid advertising and requiring a budget. Even SEM and SMM will bring you fast results, they are still limited to the size of the budget. SEO and SMO are more long term solutions which, if is done right way, can continuously bring in the desired results for the business.

So which is right one for you? All depends on what are your business goals, but at least now you know the definitions and can make an wise decision on which method is right for you and use.