This Blog was written by 14 years old my son Aria Josef, for his high school English project, and he get 50 point out of 50 credit, so I decided to publish it for others to know the danger that the teen and young parents can go through the internet safety.

The internet isn’t known to be the safest place, and in this day and age, with children being engulfed in the internet, they are always told to not talk to strangers in real-life and online. The World Wide Web is rather infamous for its predators, inappropriate content, pirated content etc. Can you believe on a public network, there are unsuitable substances? It’s unbelievable that toddlers using the internet are being exposed to such vile content.


How can you avoid these crimes against humanity? Unless you as a Generation Z person were isolated in poverty, then you should have been engulfed in cyber culture, and the internet should pretty much be second nature at this point. But let’s say you don’t know any of these commonsensical rules of the internet, and then it is a must to know to not give away your private information, do not sell drugs, do not pirate copyrighted content, do not make illegal weapons or attempt to sell them. Just like in the real world, don’t commit any illegal activities or give personal info to strangers (Crazy I know). Internet piracy is a thing that is obviously illegal, but you know what else is obvious? Being poor, because if you pirate movies or music, you probably are either poor, a kid who isn’t able to steal their parents’ credit card information, or a student in debt who can’t afford to waste $10 on Season 3 of Friends because you just want to watch that one episode that you missed. On the subject of debt, let us talk about identity theft, a thing that also is going on the internet. Financial fraud is the result of giving away very valuable information, such as your full name, credit card info etc to very shady unverified websites, and one way to avoid such problem, is to use your brain and research the authenticity of the website, look if there is any contact information, if they don’t, they probably are trying to hide from the authorities. Sexual predators are known to lure little children that are too young to use their brains. They may be 42 year old men in reality, but online he is a 9 year old girl who wants you to come over their house. You can avoid getting kidnapped and murdered by balding middle-age men by not giving away your address online, for everyone to see.

How might Internet community eliminate these problems? You might want to use anti-virus software, or even maybe not let brain-dead little children use the internet. Obviously, we can’t end these problems without implementing some sort of authoritarian regime on an international network. There may be some stupid people on the internet, but at least their idiocy stems in their spelling and grammar, and not their mindlessness to give their home address on Craigslist.

  • Don’t post any personal information
  • Keep your privacy settings at its highest
  • Don’t meet up with internet strangers
  • Think carefully about the pictures and videos you post
  • Don’t give out your password